15 August 2006

That's It!

I am fed up with stuff. I still love my books and most of my clothes....but after going through three decades' worth of accumulation the past few weeks, I've had enough. I need space. I need organization. I need to save money. I don't need to shop.

Not that I'll never, ever buy anything for fun ever again, that's too extreme, and I'm trying to avoid extremes. But I really want to lay off the shops, either online or on the street. With the exception of necessary home improvement items, my main personal goal right now is to abstain from acquiring. (Though I never frown on gifts ;))

Doesn't this cartoon look like me?


Marie said...

I still have my stuff boxed up, and I'm determined to throw, give away or sell all of it. You know how it goes, if you haven't looked at it in over a year...and that's exactly how long it's been for me. It's America and retail therapy that's responsible. I say go on a shopping strike and see how long you'll go without despreately "needing" something.

WW said...

Every blog I fread this mornign seems to mention cleaning.
Lets face it, Stuff sucks.