29 August 2006

Why I'm Cheerful Today

It feels like autumn today - I know it's rainy, but I love that it's not going over the 70's. Layering is fun! (until you're stuck with the big winter coat for 3 months, then not so much.)

I bought some things from Lush - not a crazy shopping splurge, just facial wash and soap. The shopping bag is under my desk and it makes the office smell like Lush. Aromatherapy!

And I'm getting some much-needed appliances - soon my apartment is gonna look like a home again. The prospect of cold-weather tea parties after service is enough to make me cheerful.

Yes, a positive attitude does beat a complaining one.


Marie said...

Awh! What a cute picture.

k said...

Sweet :)
I too am glad the weather is cooler. I miss sweaters and jackets! Oh yeah and Lush...I went there again before Florida. Another $70, but most of it was in gifts for family. I got a bar of Coal Face for me though--have you tried it? Love that store.