16 January 2007

Peaceful Tea Taking

Sometimes when I go out for a nice cup of tea in the City, no matter how good the food, how splendid the tea, I still feel a bit wrecked. I've always been moderate in my caffeine intake, so that's not it. It's the whole "no matter how nice the tea room I'm still in NY and that's stressful" vibe that gets to me. I didn't feel that in The Adore.
If you want table service, simply go upstairs. It's not a huge area but not minuscule - we got a table in mere moments. It's got a rustic feeling, simple and unassuming. As you can see from the picture, I had a person sitting directly in back of me, and staff milling around, and yet Bonnie and I felt rather private as we sipped our Mariage Freres tea blends. I had the one called Eros (kind of rose flavored), and Bonnie had the fruity Bolero. We each had generous sandwiches, and topped it off with a tart. I happen to love lemon tarts: they tend to destroy my stomach, but I was fine this time. Definitely would I recommend this place if you are in the Union Square area (my favorite part of the City, full of tea places, bookshops, and all other pleasant shopping.)
Notice Bonnie's magic hands as she graciously removes the tomatoes from my sandwich.

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Marie said...

Sounds really nice. Found a new tea shop/cafe today that a sister knew about. We had tea and I had a scone, and the cream was how it should be. Have to go back!