27 March 2006


I'm not one of those people who cries a lot. Not that I don't at all, but I prefer not to make a habit of it. Sometimes I feel like I should, like at funerals, but it doesn't always happen. These are the things that may set me off:

1- Seeing a man cry - not over trivial things, but in serious moments, it really is intense.
2- Watching a certain Disney movie, for some reason I start sobbing during the opening song. It is so, so stupid. People who know me watch my face when the song comes on, which makes it even worse. There's not a logical reason behind this, almost a weird reaction. There's a Seinfeld episode where Kramer has seizures every time he hears Mary Hart's voice on Entertainment Tonight. I guess I have the quieter version of that.
3-Anger - if I have words with someone, especially someone I care about, I may give way to tears. It hurts to be angry with people I love.
4- Yes, I cried at the end of Titanic. I don't anymore. I refuse to watch Beaches. Oh, and Kal Ho Nah Ho still makes me cry, even the soundtrack. It begins when Shah Rukh's character cries (see #1.)
5- Losing a pet. Both Duforth and Cinnamon's death made me wail uncontrollably, and sometimes I still get choked up. Yesterday I found an old veterinarian bill of Dufie's and was almost there. Hearing about animal cruelty makes me cry, and certain Disney movies with animals....
6-In the extremely rare cases where I throw up, I will whimper and tear.

Otherwise, it's pretty rare. I mean, laughing till you cry is another story, up there withn sneezing till you cry.


BonBon said...

From the day we arive on the planet, and blinking step into the sun...
Are you crying yet?
I definitely can agree with the Kal Ho Naa Ho, Titanic, and pets reasons. Although, the last time I watched Titanic, I thought how stupid it was that he just didn't get on that floating door or whatever with her (I mean she wasn't THAT big that he couldn't fit). But then again, the movie would probably not made it as big if he had lived...Recently, I watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and for some reason I kept crying at all the emotional parts...I'm turning into a real movie crier! Aack!

Stevie ~ mono no aware said...

What incited such thoughts?
I agree with the first one,third and fifth.
To expound on third--being misunderstood and not able to defend oneself clearly.
Too...Awareness of the 'big' picture and self stupidity. For some reason when its all in spiritual perspective I feel overcome with shame and fall apart.
Injustice --seeing it and being helpless.
Another person crying. (except a bratty kid)
A person being humiliated--even a technically bad person...(gots to work on that)As compassion has its limits. But I can't handle another being robbed their dignity.
I often times wake up crying. I suppose I'd classify as a cry baby.

k said...

I hate it when men cry. It actually repulses me. Though it shouldn't--they have feelings too, after all. But movies never make me cry. Real people...another story!

Catherine said...

Injustice doesn't usually make me cry - I usually get more angry and hyper when I read of something unfair - kind of out of breath. It's a worse reaction than crying I think.

Marie said...

If nothing stirs up a man's emotions enough to make them cry over something major, then something's really wrong. Men crying over small things is also wrong. There must be a balance!

As far as women are concerned, it is good to cry as it alleviates 40% of stress. Doesn't mean that it's okay to be a cry baby! The time of the month will always do it...if there are rough circumstances that occur at the same time. PMS crying is like frustrated crying. It stinks being overly sensitive.